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Keeping Your Lawn Pristine No Matter the Season

To accentuate the beauty of your outdoor living space or business exteriors, turn to Eli Professional Services for complete lawn maintenance. You can count on our skilled team to take care of your yard and landscapes, keeping it lush green and healthy all year round. We provide our services to clients in Greensboro, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We offers Lawn Maintenance Programs specific to your lawn needs.

Our Lawn Care Services

Every property lawn and landscape is unique but requires regular maintenance and hands-on care to bring out its natural lushness all the same. For us, no job is too small, too large or too embarrassing for us to handle. Hire our crew to do the following tedious tasks for you, so you don’t have to:

Aeration & Overseeding

Once per year during the spring/fall season we provide core aeration and seeding. Aeration relieves soil compaction and increases the availability of air, water, and nutrients. Also, aeration minimizes thatch buildup. We will over seed special formulated tall fescue grass seed which will help establish a thick, healthy lawn.

Mowing Services

1. Remove normal trash and debris from lawn areas
2. Mowing Turf areas: Grass will be mulched or bagged
3. Trim: Weed eat around fences & tree
4. Edge: Clean around sidewalks, driveways, and borders
5. Blow off: all sidewalks, driveways and porches

Lawn Fertilization

Six applications per year of recommended premium fertilizer and nutrients, including winterizer to help feed roots, season-long grub control and spring take off applications for a head start. We also offer surface insect control

Weed Control

Quarterly herbicide applications of premium pre-emergent and post- emergent weed killer for your lawn specific needs

Spring/Fall Mulch, Pine Needles

Here at Eli Professional Services we always choose the top quality mulch and pine needles with an uniform color and fine texture bringing out the color, contrast, and texture of your landscape. Mulch/Pine Needles help keep weeds down while providing your lawn with all of its benefits


Pruning will not only improve plant appearance it will also promote plant health, promote health by removing dead or infested branches and to protect you family and property from hazardous trees, branches.


Seasonal Color
Eli Professional Services provides NC premiere seasonal color design services. Whether it be Spring or Fall color, our  Seasonal Color Designers will create something unique for your garden.
Sod Installation
A nice lawn says a lot about your property, and maintaining a nice lawn may be difficult if you have a busy schedule. If that is the case for you, you can count on Eli Professional Services. to provide you with a beautiful lawn. We have been providing sod installation, renovation and much more. Sod may be difficult for just anyone to install,l but our professionals have to knowledge and expertise to assist you. Offering commercial and residential services,

Retaining Walls

Fire Pits